Wireless Desktop Charger

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Mobile phone cables are a thing of the past. Untether yourself with our Wireless Desktop Charger. Simply place your mobile phone on the Wireless Desktop Charger and it will recharge quickly. Pick your mobile phone up for use and replace it on the Wireless Desktop Charger when finished your call or use of an app. The Wireless Desktop Charger will keep your mobile phone topped up without you thinking about it.

If you have an I-Phone, we have the sleeve you need to make your iPhone compatible with the Wireless Desktop Charger.

  • May be placed anywhere near a USB power source
  • Recharges Qi enabled phones wirelessly
  • Pick up the phone to place or receive a call
  • Place the phone back on the charger when finished
  • Keeps the phone always topped up
  • Lightweight floating disk design

  • Color: White/Black
  • Input: 5V 1A
  • 2.1A Fast Charge
  • Audible Charging Indicator
  • USB wall socket plug in