Wireless Charging Battery Case for iPhone

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Do you need protection for your mobile phone and additional battery power to keep you on the air during a busy day? This new, stylish two-piece case from PowerCases will meet your needs for power and protective security. It combines a basic case with a wireless charging removable battery, so when the battery has done its work, or you want to travel light, you can simply remove it.


• Ultra-slim and compact
• Protection for your smartphone
• More than double your iPhone’s battery life
• Add wireless charging capability
• External battery for any 5Volts powered device

• Integrated battery
• Wireless charging case
• Detachable power bank
• Charges both devices simultaneously
• Full protective case
• Couple magnetically
• Compatible models: iPhone® 6/7/8 and iPhone X

• Type:    Lithium Polymer
• True (Usable) Capacity:      3,500 mAh
• Volts:                                  3.7 V
• Lifetime:                             500+ cycles
• Working Temperature:       -20C to 60C
• Charge Hold Time (to 50%): 6 Months